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About us

The Hong Kong Indian Women’s Club (HKIWC) was established in the year 1957 as a non-profit charitable organisation. It also serves as a forum for like minded women of Indian and other nationals to get together to exchange cultural ideas and mingle socially.

The main objects of the Club are:

* To do public and social work for the benefit of the Indian and local Community in Hong Kong, China and India.

* To financially and emotionally assist the poor and underprivileged Indian women and children and improve their conditions of living; to foster educational aid for needy children: to provide resources to better healthcare facilities which they cannot otherwise afford.

* To co-operate with the ladies in Hong Kong - Indian or other wise - in social, charitable, educational and cultural activities.

* To raise funds for the purpose of carrying out or advancing the objects of the Club.

The Club holds ten Executive Committee Meetings in a fiscal year.

The Executive Committee consists of fifteen ladies who serve a term of one year. Each year all candidates are voted upon and new candidates are introduced on board at the AGM which is usually held at the end of March.

The average membership of the club stands at approximately one hundred and seventy five (175) members.


The Club is registered under Societies Ordinance (Chapter 151).
No taxation is, therefore, provided.